About Us


Ryan is a professional within the Airline Industry and a business strategy consultant with over 15 years of experience within multiple sectors including; Aerospace, Real Estate, Project Finance, and Government Level bilateral negotiation. He holds a Masters of Business Administration from Henley with a focus on airline strategy.

Ryan is currently conducting research at the University of Malta under the Faculty of Economics, Management & Accountancy and the Faculty of Computer Science & Centre for DLTs in the field of organizational psychology and the use of artificial intelligence .
He has gained experience in managing teams, strategic development, processes and resource management in projects within the Mediterranean, North & West Africa and the Middle East.


Davina was appointed as a board member in 2017. First elected to the Floriana Local Council in 2012 whereby she served as a Local Councilor and Minority Leader of the locality. She was then re-elected in 2015, and appointed as Floriana’s first female Mayor.

Davina has vast experience in the finance sector. She worked for ten years at Bank of Valletta as a Bank Cashier and Relationship officer. Davina worked also as an EU funds officer at the Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture. Since 2015 she has occupied the post of Manager at the Treasury Department within the Ministry of Finance of the Government of Malta.

She holds a degree in business management from the University of Sunderland and Masters in Management and Finance from the University of Chester.


Fleur joined the board of directors in 2017. She started her career with the Government of Malta carrying out research related to Malta’s pre-accession negotiation position. During this time she was also appointed as a Visiting Lecturer at The University of Malta. Following Malta’s entry into the European Union, she was part of a team working on Malta’s EU budget 2007-2013 negotiations. This process determined the amount of funds Malta received during the period in question. In 2006 Fleur joined the private sector and is running a small business enterprise. Throughout the past years she has grown aware of the challenges that micro and small business enterprises encounter in a very competitive set-up. She read for a degree in Commerce and a Master in Business Administration at The University of Malta.


Jesmond Gatt joined the Central Bank of Malta in 1984, graduating in Mathematics and Computing at the University of Malta in 1995. During his career at the Bank, which spans over 37 years, he has worked on all major IT projects, and is today Chief Officer responsible for retail banking services, management of currency and the regulation of payment systems and infrastructures.  He formed part of the core financial sector team which oversaw the changeover to the Euro in Malta in 2008. Since Malta became part of the European Union he has been a member of a number of Euro system and European Commission committees working on payments systems and the management of euro notes and coins. He has also participated in a number of European Commission initiatives drawing up payment systems regulations. Since 2016 he has been sitting on the Board of the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit in Malta, acting as Chairman to the Board from 2020. He is taking the role of Chief Executive role at MGI on 21st December 2022.